What is Enapter Blueprint?

Enapter Blueprints is a technology that allows integration of various devices (electrolysers, power meters, inverters, batteries, sensors, etc.) into the Enapter Cloud platform.

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Unified Device Model for Any Vendor

While an effective energy management implies that all devices works as a system, different vendors typically have their own monitoring and control tools and their devices can’t be integrated with the other systems.

Enapter Blueprint technology uses a simple and unified device model that consists of properties, telemetry, commands and alerts.

Using this model Enapter platform will understand the capabilities of the integrated device and how it can interact with other parts of an energy system.

Put simply, Blueprint describes which charts will be shown on a dashboard on mobile app or web, which commands can be executed, when to notify you about device alerts, etc.

As a result, all devices are working as a system and it doesn't matter which manufacturer made the device.

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Benefits of Integration

The goal for any investment in energy management technologies is to attain higher efficiency and cost savings, reliable energy supply and safety.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Energy management can help reduce energy consumption, which can lower energy bills.



Energy management can help identify and address any potential safety hazards related to energy use.



Proper energy management can help ensure that a home or business has a stable and reliable energy supply.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Reducing energy consumption can also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts associated with energy production.

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Control your energy device such as gate drive or EV charging station with car entertainment system and Enapter Mobile App.

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Enapter also offers developer tools to help system integrators and component manufacturers add wide possibilities to their products.

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