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SMA Sunny Boy

Enapter Cloud and mobile app show in real time AC and DC power, amperage, voltage, etc. Mobile app alerts users if grid voltage isn't within normal range and if the inverter is disconnected from a utility grid.

Enel Juicebox 32

JuiceBox 32 smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station could be connected to your energy management system to control and monitor charging remotely based on other devices measurements (available solar power, active load, etc.)

CS Instruments FA 510

New generation of dew point sensors with RS 485 interface (Modbus-RTU). All telemetry like e. g. dew point, temperature, absolute humidity can be retrieved via the Modbus protocol and sent into the Enapter Cloud via Blueprint technology.

Schneider Electric PM2100

The PM2100 series power and energy meters are digital meters that offer comprehensive 3-phase electrical instrumentation and load management facilities. Use RS485 interface and Enapter Blueprint to integrate it to your energy management system.

Tesla PowerWall

House battery system automatically stores energy from connected solar panel for outage protection. You can monitor in real time your stored energy and battery state of charge charge, solar, grid and load power, backup reserve percent, etc.

Crowcon Gas Sensor

Get the information concentration of hydrogen in the air from your Crowcon gas detectors to increase safety and ensure compliance. Mobile app stores information about previous sensor calibration and prompts user to update it regularly.

Works With 40+ Energy Device Manufacturers

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How it works

Enapter Blueprints is a technology that allows integration of various devices (electrolysers, power meters, inverters, batteries, sensors, etc.) into the Enapter Cloud platform.

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