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Sunsynk Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter

Sunsynk Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter

Three-phase hybrid inverter models Sunsynk SYNK-8K-SG04LP3 / SYNK-10K-SG04LP3 / SYNK-12K-SG04LP3.

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Deye / Sunsynk Inverter (via Solarman API)

Three phase hybrid inverter with low battery voltage 48V.

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This Enapter Device Blueprint integrates Deye Inverter SUN-10k-SG04LP3-EU - three-phase hybrid inverter connected to Solarman system - via HTTP API implemented on Enapter Virtual UCM.

Connect to Enapter

  • Sign up to Enapter Cloud using Web or mobile app (iOS, Android).
  • Use Enapter Gateway to run Virtual UCM.
  • Create Enapter Virtual UCM.
  • Upload this blueprint to Enapter Virtual UCM.
  • Use the Set Up Connection command in the Enapter mobile or Web app to set up the following communication parameters:
    • Your Solarman account App ID;
    • Your Solarman account App Secret;
    • Your Solarman account username;
    • Your Solarman account password;
    • Inverter serial number;


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