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SMA Sunny Tripower

SMA Sunny Tripower

SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverters.

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SMA Sunny Tripower

SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter.

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This Enapter Device Blueprint integrates the SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter via Modbus TCP API implemented on the Enapter Virtual UCM.

Supported SMA Sunny Tripower Models

STP 15000TL-30 (STP 15000TL-30)
STP 17000TL-30 (STP 17000TL-30)
STP 20000TL-30 (STP 20000TL-30)
STP 25000TL-30 (STP 25000TL-30)
STP3.0-3AV-40 (STP3.0-3AV-40)
STP33-US-41 (STP33-US-41)
STP50-40 (STP50-40)
STP50-41 (STP50-41)
STP50-JP-40 (STP50-JP-40)
STP50-JP-41 (STP50-JP-41)
STP50-US-40 (STP50-US-40)
STP50-US-41 (STP50-US-41)
STP62-US-41 (STP62-US-41)
Sunny Tripower 10.0 (STP10.0-3AV-40)
Sunny Tripower 10.0 SE (STP10.0-3SE-40)
Sunny Tripower 4.0 (STP4.0-3AV-40)
Sunny Tripower 5.0 (STP5.0-3AV-40)
Sunny Tripower 5.0 SE (STP5.0-3SE-40)
Sunny Tripower 6.0 (STP6.0-3AV-40)
Sunny Tripower 6.0 SE (STP6.0-3SE-40)
Sunny Tripower 8.0 (STP8.0-3AV-40)
Sunny Tripower 8.0 SE (STP8.0-3SE-40)

Connect to Enapter

  • Sign up to Enapter Cloud using Web or mobile app (iOS, Android).
  • Install Enapter Gateway to run Virtual UCM.
  • Create Enapter Virtual UCM.
  • Upload this blueprint to Enapter Virtual UCM.
  • Use Configure command in Enapter mobile app or Web to set up SMA Sunny Tripower communication parameters:
    • Modbus IP address, use either static IP or DHCP reservation. Check your network router manual for configuration instructions.
    • Modbus Unit ID, can be found in SMA Web interface, default value is 3.


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