Fuel Cells
Intelligent Energy FCM 804

Intelligent Energy FCM 804

Hydrogen fuel cell module

Intelligent Energy FCM 804

Fuel Cell Module use hydrogen gas to provide electrical DC power

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Installation Guide

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This Enapter Device Blueprint integrates Intelligent Energy FCM 804 fuel cell module products for stationary and portable applications with CAN bus.

This blueprint collects the fuel cell telemetry, while the intelligent_energy_fcm_80x_rl6 blueprint controls the fuel cell.

Connect to Enapter

ENP-CAN Connection Diagram


If the module is not receiving telemetry:

  • Check the wiring and the resistor location according to the diagram above.
  • Check the jumpers inside the ENP-CAN module (install if needed):
    • Dismount the antenna from the ENP-CAN module.
    • Remove the front cover.
    • Remove the back side of the module.
    • Carefully push the module control board down.
    • Install jumper J5, jumper J3 H.speed or both according to the photo below:
      Jumper locations photo


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