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MPP Solar Inverter

MPP Solar Inverter

MPP Solar Inverters.

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MPP Solar Inverter

Solar inverter with monitoring and control via WatchPower protocol.

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This Enapter Device Blueprint integrates MPP Solar inverters working in single mode. The blueprint supports WatchPower protocol over RS-232 communication interface.

For detailed connection and operation instructions check our Watchpower Solar Inverter Monitoring guide.

Connect to Enapter

Physical Connection

For physical RS-232 connection with the inverter you will need:

ENP-RS232 Connection Diagram

ENP-KIT-232-485-CAN Connection Diagram


  • Parallel mode detected alert means that this blueprint doesn't support inverters working in parallel. Please upload this blueprint.
  • Check the wiring according to the diagram above.
  • Check communication with inverter using official Watchpower/Solarpower software. If it works, then this blueprint should work as well.
  • Voltronic Axpert MAX 6.5KW and 7.2KW are parallel models according to documentation. They can't use single mode Blueprint even there is only one inverter in the setup. Please upload this blueprint.


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